Skimpy Bikinis

Skimpy bikinis offer the right amount of coverage that girls next door want in a beachwear — not revealing all but certainly not too prudish, either. These swimsuits do not give you the amount of exposure that you see in a typical two piece bikini. Just because a bikini is skimpy does not mean trashy. There are several styles of micro swimwear that look very nice on the right body types.

Styles of sexy beachwear

There are various designs of ultra-revealing swimwear, but most usually fit into the category of the barely-there pieces. They can either styled as G-strings, sheer, thong, brazilian bikinis, and crochet two-pieces, all of which show more flesh than your ordinary swimming suit. Such apparel can be categorized as one step away from the totally transparent pieces — sexy but not to the point of overkill. A popular style is the string bikini, consisting of a triangular piece of cloth to cover the crotch, which is then held by a string that goes around the waist and in between the buttocks. This type is used by those who want tanning without the lines and who want the sexy and alluring appeal that comes with wearing something as revealing as the string bikini.

skimpy micro bikinis

Caring for your bathing suit

Caring for your bathing suit is just like caring for other types of beachwear. Since most tiny pieces of underwear are made of blends of nylon and Lycra, they tend to fray and fade when used too often in chlorine-treated pools, and when washed in the machine using harsh detergents.

It is best to wash your swimwear using tap water and mild soap right after using, and  gently squeeze off excess water before air-drying. Do not machine dry your swimsuits, as the heat can also damage the fibers.

Because this type of beachwear is made for the water and not for frolicking in the sand, be careful not to do the latter too often, as this can deposit sand on the lining of your two-piece. Sand can then easily irritate your skin.

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Where you can wear provocative pieces

Because some kinds of beach apparel can expose some areas of the body that not all people are used to, it is best to wear revealing tops and bottoms in adult-only venues and in private beaches, pools, or jacuzzis. Some people may object to your wearing of a skimpy two-piece if you find yourself in these areas so better be safe.

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