Skimpy Bikini Swimwear

Skimpy bikini swimwear is sexy, but do you know that health problems are now being reported in women who wear very revealing beachwear on a regular basis? Fortunately, there are ways on how to lessen the risks while still being able to wear your favorite swimwear.

Tips on lessening the health risks associated with wearing revealing pieces

Issue #1: You are increasing your risk of skin cancer when you lay out under the sun for a few hours wearing nothing but triangular patches of thin nylon on your breasts and crotch.

Solution: Protection against the sun is of primary importance if you are planning on wearing a tiny piece of beachwear. If you are wearing the skimpiest version around, like the sheer monokinis or the micro bikini, then make sure that you apply generous amounts of sun block even on the covered areas. Sheer bikinis are particularly UV-friendly. They let all UV rays in, good if you want a gorgeous tan but very bad for your exposed skin cells.

Issue #2: You are raising your risk of developing gynecological disorders when you wear  micro bikinis a tad too often. This is also true for skimpy everyday underwear such as the t-back or thong panties. Gynecological infections may develop in women who wear skimpy bikinis way too long. Wearing a bottom unchanged for more than six hours encourages the breeding of bacteria because these organisms thrive in hot and moist environments.

Solution: Make sure that before you wear your sexy bathing suit, it is properly washed and dried. After using your bathing suit, wash it thoroughly and let it dry properly before putting it back in your closet.

Issue #3: Very tiny swimwear can also predispose your skin to irritation, especially if the swimsuit is on too tight. Chaffing in the crotch area can lead to irritation and possible breakdown of the skin, and swimming with irritated skin can predispose you to infection.

In some instances, very tiny pieces of swimwear such as micros for example, may come with nothing more than a piece of string that runs from front to back, giving no coverage at all. Aside from offering no protection and coverage, the string comes in contact with the sensitive areas of the crotch. Constant movement can result to friction which can irritate this area. This is characterized by a very uncomfortable, and in some instances even painful, feeling.

Solution: If the swimwear is just too tight that it irritates your skin, you may have to wear one that is not too tight or one that has the right cut and style for you. Before hitting the beach, make sure you have more than one pair of swimsuit in case you want to change into something more comfortable.