Skimpy G-String Bikinis

Skimpy g-string bikinis are one of the sexiest pieces of beachwear ever worn by women today. The modern g-string is actually a ’70s fashion designer’s take on Amazonian body coverings, but because of its amazing sexual appeal, this is now one of the most popular bathing suits out in the market. Also known as the thong, this style is believed to be the earliest form of body covering invented by man. The ancient version was made to cover male genitalia, although today, these are worn more by women than by men. And thanks to human ingenuity, this item is still alive and kicking, still turning heads in a variety of colors, designs, and styles.

Who can wear this?

Because the thong is sexy with a capital S, not all people can pull this one off. If you have a toned, proportioned body and if you are not scared about baring your body, flaws and all, then go ahead and don this skimpy piece of swimwear.

If you think you are flabby in some areas and need to work out, do so before wearing such a revealing bottom. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to tell if a thong will work on you is if you can say that you have a presentable butt or nice, shapely legs. If you do not posses any of these, work out at the gym until you do.

Who wears g-strings today?

Women with killer bodies aside, there are actually women who wear these pieces for a living. Strippers and exotic dancers have been sporting this piece of beachwear in their jobs since the 1920s. Such swimwear can also be found more commonly in European beaches,  the beaches of Brazil, Puerto Rico, Greece, Mallorca, to name a few. It has been a commonplace beach garment in Europe for many decades, unlike in the US where sales of this beachwear only shot up in the 1990s with the popularity of shows such as Baywatch.

Tips when wearing one

Because this style of bikini exposes much of the genital area to the elements, there has been a rise in the number of gynecological problems associated with the wearing of this type of bathing suit. Fortunately, you can avoid such risks by making sure these intimate pieces are washed and dried carefully. You can also lessen the risk of UV-ray exposure by putting on some sunblock. You can also use stylish cover-ups to minimize sun exposure when not sunbathing.