Skimpy Micro Bikinis

Skimpy micro bikinis are one step below the transparent and sheer pieces of swimwear. They offer very minimal coverage but make up for it in maximum levels of sex appeal. Indeed, micro two-pieces are not meant to be worn by the faint of heart.

Why skimpy beachwear is so alluring

Perhaps the allure of this type of swimwear comes from the fact that they are so small, they practically leave nothing to the imagination. These swimsuits offer very little coverage for the front and the back, as compared to typical beachwear. Micros, especially, offer one of the least amounts of protection in the front and back. The most radical of micros feature a small piece of string runnning from the front to back which, according to some conservatives, already defeats the pupose of wearing anything at all.  In some intances, these do not have strings to support the sides. Patches of cloth are pasted onto the body parts instead.

This beachwear is made even more alluring when worn by women with killer bodies, because the lack of coverage highlights the body even more. This is often the reason why body builders who join competitions typically wear sheer two-pieces that cover as little as possible. This is because with this type of outfit, all the muscles and cuts are
displayed for all to see.

Acceptance of the skimpy bikini

Acceptance of the skimpy swimsuit varies from place to place. Wearing sexy pieces is nothing new in Europe, where they take going to the beach one step further and sunbathe naked. Wearing very tiny and very revealing beach outfits is the norm in places such as Brazil, Greece, and some beaches in Italy and France. String bikinis, micros, thongs, and g-strings only gained a certain level of acceptance recently in the US, helped in part by the popularity of sexy shows such as Baywatch and the popularity of scantily clad models in billboards and TV ads. The g-string recently experienced such a comeback that in 2002, it became one of the fastest-selling types of swimwear in the market.

Purchasing bikinis online

You can purchase revealing swimwear online if you are embarrassed at having to shop for sexy, tiny bathing suits in department stores. Choose vendors with guaranteed return policies, although some online sellers may also offer modified return policies as well.  This apparel will usually fit moderate-sized bodies because they have strings that can be easily adjusted according to your size. The only thing that you need to worry about is the color and the amount of coverage in the crotch and back area. Patterns and designs will also affect your look in a string bikini, so make your choices carefully.