Skimpy String Bikinis

Skimpy string bikinis look like other ordinary bikinis except that they are smaller and all parts, from the tops to the bottoms, are held together by strings. This makes string swimwear very appealing and sexy, and if you have the body to wear this alluring piece, then you are bound to turn more than a few heads when you are out on the beach.

Skimpy Bikinis

Shopping tips

Shopping for a sexy piece of beachwear is often a frustrating exercise for some women, especially if you do not have that model figure. But who does? You are fortunate, however, because now skimpy bathing suits are also available in plus-sizes. So if you are on the larger end of the scale, you can still find an attractive piece of revealing beachwear for your size.

When shopping for beachwear, try on the bikini for the right fit. Although the strings can be tied and retied until you get the right kind of fit, it is still important to try the thing on so that you can make sure that all areas are covered. Walk around in the swimsuit and watch if everything that needs to be covered stays that way as you move. Fitting is also important especially if you are prone to getting beachwear and even underwear a size too small. A swimwear that is too tight can predispose you to chaffing and irritation, and you do not want that.

Also, choose colors carefully. G-strings may be tiny, but they come in all sorts of colors that can work for or against your skin color. As a rule, choose warm colors if you have fair skin, and cooler colors if you have a tanned or warm complexion.

Get a bikini wax or shave before buying beachwear. Make sure that you are shaved down there before donning a revealing piece and going out in public. Stray hairs can make all the difference between sexy and not, so make sure to shave.

The material for a g-string or a thong is usually made of nylon and Lycra blends. Blends of polyester, nylon and Lycra, and cotton are also popular. These materials are often the standard in swimwear. However, some blends react worse to chlorine or bromine-treated pools in various ways, so choose your materials accordingly.

A good tip when shopping for a thong is to do a fitting in front of a three-way mirror.  That way, you get to see how everything looks from all sides. It is also important that you should try sitting down. This is a good way to know if you are comfortable sitting with a thong on or not.